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St Paul's C of E Nursery & Primary School


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St Paul's Computing Rationale

At St Paul’s Primary School we have created a computing curriculum that prepares our children for the ever changing world of technology and enables them to become digitally literate and, as they grow, active participants in a digital world.  


With technology playing such a significant role in society, we believe ‘Computational Thinking’ is a skill children must be taught if they are to be able to participate effectively and safely in this digital world.  This skill allows us to solve problems, design systems, and understand the power and limitations of human and machine intelligence. It is a skill that empowers, and one that all children should be aware of and develop competence in. Children who can think computationally are better able to conceptualise, understand and use computer-based technology, and so are better prepared for today’s world and the future. 


Our high-quality computing education enables pupils to understand ‘Internet Safety.’ We equip children with the knowledge they need to keep themselves and others safe online. We also believe that deep links with other subjects and real life experiences are essential and therefore our Computing curriculum has strong links throughout the curriculum.  


We endeavour to make sure there are no limits to their computing aspirations. Our pupils can become designers, analysts, teachers, media gurus, software developers or programmers. At St Paul’s, Computing provides opportunities for pupils to learn the three main elements of computing – information technology, digital literacy and computer science. We create opportunities for practical experiences, experimenting and research.