St Paul's C of E Primary School

St Pauls Church of England Gloucester

Curriculum Statement for St Paul's C of E Primary

"It is our aim to provide an ambitious, modern day curriculum that actively prepares the pupils of St Paul's for the lives ahead of them. Learning at St Paul's will provide pupils with opportunities to develop personally and academically and will systematically build upon what they know, understand and can do. 

We want a bright future for our children, and strive to achieve a curriculum that equips each unique individual with the strength of character and resources to make their own decisions about who they want to be."


What approach is taken to learning across the curriculum at St Paul's?

We take a whole-school approach to the curriculum. This enables all children in the school to be actively involved in their learning and share their experiences with others across all age groups.  The whole school will focus on an over-arching 'key question' e.g. 'Is Change Always Good?' and through these, pupils explore learning subject specific content through foci areas. 

We endeavour to make our curriculum as engaging and practical as possible, as we believe this will support pupils' learning and understanding of the wider world. We have made deliberate choices with links across subjects to enable opportunities for pupils to make meaningful links in their learning, and have many opportunities to revisit and recap prior knowledge, to ensure it is truly embedded.