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St Paul's C of E Nursery & Primary School

Eastgate (Year 1 and 2)


Eastgate at St Paul’s includes Year 1 and 2. Pupils are split into Key Worker groups, of no more than 30 children, these groups form a pupil's registration group. The Key Worker groups are mixed across year groups, meaning each class will be made up of Year 1 and Year 2 pupils. This approach allows pupils the opportunity to learn and develop from their peers, whilst also emphasising and improving oracy skills, a critical function for successful development. Each child in Eastgate has a Key Worker. This approach ensures that pupils receive targeted pastoral support, continuity of teaching and a clear point of contact for parents and guardians throughout their time in the phase.

Children meet with their Key Worker group twice daily, to be registered, engage in discussion and complete pastoral based learning. These activities can range depending on the specific needs of the group and often include wider curriculum work, sharing of ideas, shared reading and activities that support pupils’ social, emotional and mental health.

In addition to Key Worker groups, pupils are taught in learning groups for Reading/Phonics, Literacy, Maths, PHSE and RE. Wider Curriculum subjects are taught in our mixed key worker groups, following our two year rolling curriculum programme. Differentiated learning groups allow flexibility, challenge and support to be targeted to both the individual and specific needs of each group. Pupils have one key teacher for their learning group, which may differ to their Key Worker adult, thus providing further opportunities for pupils to experience a range of teaching styles and activities; broadening their educational offer. This approach also helps to develop resilience and an increasing independence in pupils' learning attitudes.

In Eastgate, we are lucky to have additional members of staff to support with the teaching of core knowledge, understanding and skills. We ensure staff are utilised to support individual and smaller group needs where necessary in order to ensure that all pupils succeed.