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St Paul's C of E Nursery & Primary School

R.E. & Collective Worship

As a Church of England school we believe that our strong Christian ethos allows us a positive foundation for a shared respect and careful consideration of other religions. Children are taught to understand, empathise and value all faiths as well as people of no-faith. We teach a deep understanding of others' values and belief systems whilst comparing and contrasting with Christianity, encouraging a mutual appreciation and understanding from all members of our school community. We believe that RE lessons should allow our children to engage in the teachings of the Bible and partake in challenging and thought provoking debate or questions. We use the Gloucestershire Syllabus to lead the content of our RE teaching whilst guiding children to be reflective and understand the importance of spirituality through general school life and continuous provision. We aim to prepare our children for a multi-faith and diverse world that they can live in with genuine understanding and compassion.



Collective Worship


Our daily school worship facilitates the important time of the school being together for reflection, discussion and prayer. We light our candles, offer our contributions, listen to others respectfully and join together in prayer. We have a shared space and time, either as a whole school, phase or class to explore and understand our school values. Staff and children alike lead the collective worship time to highlight the importance of our school community and the fact that everyone’s contribution is valued. We also use this time to celebrate achievements and further foster our feelings of empathy, gratitude and appreciation. Parents and families are frequently invited to join our collective worship in school and are also welcomed at our church services. We have close links with St Paul’s and St Stephen’s Church where we celebrate traditional Christian festivals and facilitate enrichment days for our children.

To view our Collective Worship policy click here.