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At St Paul’s, we place a huge emphasis on reading. We believe in modelling a love and passion for reading from an early age at St Paul’s. Therefore, the teaching of reading places a huge emphasis on developing the children’s comprehension (understanding) of a text.  

Children begin to read texts which contain only pictures and then progress to books which are entirely decodable.These books are closely linked to our Phonics Scheme ‘SoundsWrite’, which means pupils are always reading books at their reading level, therefore encouraging positivity and success with reading from the start. 

As the children get older, we use a system called Accelerated Reader which allows the children to become a ‘free-choice’ reader at their own reading level. This also helps to develop a love of reading and a willingness to read for pleasure. 

Children can use the following link to access their own log in pages to do the quizzes attached to their reading books. They also have this link as a QR Code with their log in and password which they can access on tablets etc. at home 


Parents can use the following link if they would like to see the book level of the books they may already have at home or on a visit to the library


In addition to individual readers, at St Paul’s we have identified and created a specific and unique Reading Spine, comprised of texts we believe will inspire our pupils, whilst exposing them to a range of genres, writing styles and techniques. These texts are used across Phases in free reading, Literacy lessons and Guided Reading sessions to ensure a broad and balanced reading curriculum. To see our Reading Spine, click here.

Guided Reading

Pupils in Year 2 and above are taught using a whole class Guided Reading approach. Class texts focus on an area of the wider curriculum, classes have one text that they use in Guided Reading for a week.  

Pupils are taught to identify and use the main reading domains; retrieval, inference, prediction, summary and sequencing, in addition to developing their fluency skills through revisiting a text across a week’s learning.  

A priority focus is vocabulary, pupils are immersed in the texts and a range of activities are provided to allow pupils to read, understand and use new vocabulary. Pupils are encouraged to use this vocabulary across their learning in all subjects. Vocabulary is celebrated and discussed throughout all areas of the curriculum. 

Pupils in Phase One, or identified pupils in other phases are supported by an adult to ensure they are able to engage appropriately with the text and develop their fluency skills.  

How you can help your child with reading at home or at school

Parents are an integral part of a child’s ‘reading journey’. We encourage you to hear your child read at least three times a week and record this in a ‘Reading Record’. 

We welcome volunteers who would like to help further develop our children’s love for reading. You can contact the school if you have any spare time to come into school to hear readers.